I started this blog when I was managing the Writing Centre at the University of the Western Cape, in Cape Town (South Africa). The UWC Writing Centre is a place where all students, part-time and full-time, can go to work on their academic writing tasks, no matter what level they are at or what kind of task they are working on. The Centre is staffed by committed peer writing tutors, all postgraduate students, who will meet with students to talk about their work in a one-on-one session, and give them constructive verbal feedback and comments on their work. Rather than directing the students’ writing, the tutors guide them through a writing process, supporting them to make decisions about what they can do and want to do to improve their written work. The focus is always on empowering and equipping students to become the most confident and able writers they can be, so that they can make the most out of their time at university, and be included and active in their own learning.
I am no longer the Centre’s coordinator, so the name of the blog has had to change (it was formerly ‘The Writing Centre @ UWC). But, as it started out, this blog still is a place to share ideas about writing centre work, and related questions about writing and literacies in higher education, and to reflect on the complex challenges that come with writing, thinking, and making meaning and knowledge ‘in the academy’.

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